Growing a baby is such a miraculous process!  Congratulations!  Whether your little one is a surprise or a long-awaited gift, your life, and the lives of those whom you love are profoundly changing. Your consciously informed pregnancy can result in an incredibly positive birth experience for you, for your baby, and for your partner.  Knowledge is power...especially when it comes to birth.  I applaud you for putting forth the effort, thought and time involved in making that happen!

My hope is that you will look back on this very special occasion as one where you felt supported and engaged throughout the entire process.  It would be an honor to accompany you through one of the most unforgettable and transformative events of your life!  

For far too many, pregnancy and birth is still something that happens to them
rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves.
— Sheila Kitzinger, Social Anthropologist & Natural Childbirth Activist

Each new life I have witnessed make the journey earth-side has humbled me, taught me and helped me...  

I strive to nourish and enhance the bond that created the miracle of your baby in the first place.


"I feel that having you with us was so important that it almost had poetic or literary dimensions!"



  • I believe that birth is big, but it is NOT bigger than you.
  • I believe that knowledge is power…in everything we do…especially birth.
  • I believe that through preparation, we can discover and fully experience bliss in birth.
  • I believe that just as a woman innately knows how to grow a baby, she innately knows how to birth a baby.
  • I believe that when we facilitate the free-flow of oxytocin ("the love hormone"), the smooth evolution of birth is the inevitable result.
  • I believe that by cultivating a supportive and informed environment we can recognize and learn to release our fears surrounding birth. 
  • I believe that love, trust and knowledge are the key elements of gentle birth.
  • I believe that birth is intense!  But it needn’t be overwhelming.
  • I believe that birth is sacred and should be respected and honored.
  • I believe that birth is an everyday miracle.


“Doula” is an ancient word for an age-old practice re-discovered

In times gone by birthing women were usually surrounded by other women.  This circle of caring women provided love and support in a variety of ways to the woman giving birth.  They would ensure that the midwife was there on time.  They would see to it that food for the new mother and her family was abundant and nourishing.  They tended to older siblings if there were any and made sure that papa was occupied and informed of progress.  They also fed, nurtured, massaged and otherwise supported the birthing woman in any way that she needed them to.  Although the term had yet to be coined in relation to birth, these women were doulas.  

This vital support network largely disappeared when we took women out of the home and into the hospital to birth their babies the “modern” way.  Thus, for many years a birthing woman was generally alone in an unfamiliar setting, often surrounded by strangers in sterile garb while the person she loved most and with whom she had made this baby, waited elsewhere.  He too, was alone, nervous and unsupported until news of whether he was father to a boy or a girl came from a stranger’s mouth.  

Sadly, this model still holds true in some parts of the world, but luckily is no longer the case here in Switzerland and in many other countries.  The loving circle of support for birthing women has returned. 

How will she remember this?
— Penny Simkin, DONA founder


The energy that got the baby in is the same energy that will get the baby out.
— Ina May Gaskin, midwife & author

Today, in many parts of the world, the partner is welcomed to participate in the birth of a child.  When a couple has decided to have a doula present, she will take time prenatally to get to know them and develop a clear understanding of how intimately the partner wants to participate.  There are some who are nervous about the process and believe that their energy would not be supportive to their partner; they may feel that being less involved would be more helpful.  For others, it is culturally not acceptable to be present.  Yet, other partners might want to participate 150% and are right there in that birthing pool so that along with mama, they can be the first to touch their baby as s/he emerges from the womb.  

Doulas are trained to help you participate at your comfort level.  The continuous and calming presence of a doula allows the couple to experience the birth as fully as possible.  By allowing the doula to share in the intensity in case of a difficult, long or powerful labor, the woman and her partner have greater capacity to be there for each other in ways that are right for them.  

As her partner, you might feel that a doula could be an intrusive presence.  Perhaps you even worry that a doula would somehow replace you.  Rest assured, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  You know her better than most.  You know what makes her laugh and what makes her cry.  You know her strengths and her weaknesses.  You know just how to get her focused and motivated.  You know her intimately.  You are irreplaceable!

I am there to simply hold space for both of you as you birth your baby in ways that you are comfortable with.  Providing continuity of care throughout shift changes and protecting the memory of the experience are two very important elements of what I do.  I strive to nourish and enhance the bond that created the miracle of your baby in the first place.

I could not have been as present and steady for my wife during the birth of our son,
were it not for the love and support we both received from Mary, our doula.
— Matthew, A first-time papa


Perhaps being a mother has been a long-term, deep desire so you’ve decided to go on a journey to make that happen without a partner.  Or maybe you are now in a situation you weren’t entirely planning on.  Regardless of why you are going it alone as a single mama, I admire and applaud you!  On your child’s birthday, not only will a baby be born, but so too will a new mother.  This miracle deserves to be celebrated! 

By supporting the expecting mama without a partner, I hope that my comforting assistance will nurture the profound sense of accomplishment you will feel when you give birth.  The powerful insight gained from this experience will, no doubt, guide you on your journey as a woman and a single mother.


Not being family made it easier for you to stay objective.
You anticipated my needs and you made me feel confident and calm.
— Marcy, A single mama