What can we say…you helped us achieve the most amazing experience of our lives! You were truly an incredible labor doula and we couldn’t have done it without you. It was a healing and unforgettable moment when J. came into this world. Words cannot describe the feelings we have about this birth. We’re still in awe of the experience. I have to tell you that I felt so comfortable in your presence from the very first moment we met. I knew you were a special person! Your support patience, love, knowledge and kindness helped us through labor. Thank you for everything!
— Lisa, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) mama
Thank you so much for sharing my labor with me and for helping G. (husband) be a significant force there as well. We really feel that the experience would not have been as positive or as empowering without you. Words cannot describe how substantial a human experience we all had together.
I feel that having you with us was so important that it almost had poetic or literary dimensions!
— Mindy, first-time mama
Ich wünsche jedem Paar so eine freudige liebevolle Begleitung,
wie wir sie von Mary durch die spannende Zeit der Schwangerschaft und Geburt erleben durften.
Bei der Geburt hat Mary mich ermutigt, in Entspannung geführt, meine Hand gehalten, Luft zugefächelt,
dadurch konnte ich mich ganz dem Geburtsgeschehen hingeben.
Meinem Mann stand sie zur Seite und gestaltete seinen ersten Kontakt unserem Baby
liebevoll geborgen in warmen Tüchern.
Unserer Hebamme hat sie wichtige Handreichungen gemacht.
Mary war das verbindende Element.
Es waren ein paar grosse und besonders viele kleine Handreichungen, Worte und Taten von Mary in dieser aussergewöhnlichen Situation,
die so kostbar waren für uns und entscheidend zu einem schönen Geburtserlebnis beigetragen haben.
— Alex, home birth mama
“We cannot find words to describe our feelings for you and what you’ve done for us. A.’s birth was perfect. I can’t imagine having done it without you. As I’ve told you many times already – you have such a special presence and way about you. We love you and hope you will be a part of our lives for a long, long time!”
— Marcy, single mama
Unsere Erfahrung mit Mary war entgegen aller meiner Vorstellungen. Ich habe mich sehr wohl und sicher gefühlt, auch als sie noch nicht bei uns zu Hause war. Als es soweit war, gab sie uns das Gefühl bereits bei uns zu sein. Es war die beste Entscheidung für uns eine Doula mit einzubeziehen und das wir diese Erfahrung mit Mary erleben durften,
war wunderbar.
— Roger, papa of two
While I know every woman, baby and circumstances are unique, I strongly believe your guidance, education and encouragement brought A. into this world as I had hoped. I am forever grateful.
— Lauren, first-time mama
Mary was an angel from heaven…God sent. Her experience and calm were exactly what we needed. She helped reassure both of us that everything Tricia was going through was normal. As the contractions grew more intense, Mary gently encouraged Tricia, saying she was beautiful, strong and powerful - that her body was doing
everything it was supposed to do.

While the nursing staff was helpful, they were overloaded with other deliveries - I don’t even remember seeing the doctor until M. was already coming out - if it hadn’t been for Mary, I don’t know what we would have done.

As Tricia’s partner, I was in a trance of helplessness and concern - but Mary guided Tricia into the shower and into different positions to get more comfortable. She also helped me to help Tricia. She anticipated our needs. We were so inexperienced and scared but Mary made it all ok, peaceful, normal and beautiful. Tricia delivered naturally, after about 5 hours of labor - perfect birth, perfect baby! We will forever treasure the pictures Mary took and the birth story she wrote. We are so blessed to have had her with us during this very special time.
— Sally, partner to mama Tricia
Mary hat uns auf unserem Weg vor, während und nach der Geburt Vertrauen, Mut und positive Gedanken gegeben. Es war uns eine Ehre, sie an unserer Seite zu haben und dank ihrer Natürlichkeit und ihrem Humor haben wir uns stets sehr wohl gefühlt mit ihr. Mary ist eine wunderbare Person und hat so viel Liebe zu geben. Sie ist eine Inspiration für uns und wir haben noch nie eine so selbstlose Person getroffen. Wir sind sehr froh, dass sie in unser Leben gekommen ist.
— Mireille & Sigu, parents of two
Mary was recommended through a friend. She made us feel 100% comfortable from the very first moment we contacted her. Hiring her as our doula to support us to bring our second little angel into this world was the best decision we made as a family. Mary gave us great caring guidance and she also respected all of our wishes. We cannot thank her enough for all that she did for us on this stressful but mesmerizing and marvelous day. Mary is a wonderful doula and a lovely human being. We would recommend her 100%, not only because she’s professional and full of knowledge, but because she genuinely cares as well. We are delighted we choose her as our doula.
— Evette, mama of two
A. and I can’t thank you enough for your help with our sweet baby S.’s entrance into this world. I love that such and amazing woman is a part of our beautiful birth story. I know you will continue to bless many lives as you have ours!
— Laura Leigh, mama of two
Thank you for making my arrival into this world so special for me and my parents!
— Baby A., newborn
Mary was such an important part of our beautiful birth and it would not have been as blessed had she not been there. Her energy is so positive and warm from the first meeting, her guidance throughout so intuitive and gentle and her experience and wisdom so obvious before, during and after the birth. We had a truly idyllic birth. Thank you from all of us, especially the little lady who joined this world in the peaceful way she did; she smiles every day because of it. 
— Marina, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) mama
Es ist nicht so einfach, meine in mehreren Hinsichten schwierige Situation in Worte zu fassen. Umso grösser ist meine Dankbarkeit an Mary! Sie war sehr kurzfristig bereit, mich in vollem Umfang zu unterstützen. Mary hat mich in den schlimmsten Momenten meines Lebens begleitet und vollkommen unterstützt. Ohne ihre Hilfe wäre ich wirklich verloren gewesen, sowohl psychologisch als auch physisch. Mit ihrem feinen Mitgefühl, umfassenden Wissen und Können und alleine mit ihrer wunderbaren Art hat sie mir die nötige Sicherheit, Trost, Beruhigung und Aufmunterung gegeben.
Es ist wahrlich ein Geschenk des Schicksals, dass ich Mary als meine Doula gefunden habe.
Allerherzlichsten Dank, Mary, auch von unserem Sternchen Dominic!
— Ksenia, mama of two (one here on earth and one in heaven)
There just aren’t enough words to explain how dear you are to us and the love that we carry for you in our hearts every day. We have you always with us as we witness and wonder at our sweet F., who is here due to your incredible, coaching, attention, listening, always assured confidence, your nurturing, thoughtful presence always thinking ahead and of the details we couldn’t have dreamed of. You are forever in our hearts and marked on F’s life as the miracle worker who helped us both bring her into this world. We love you! We are so grateful for you!
With full hearts and gratitude.
— R & H, first-time parents