The fee for the labor support service I provide is CHF 1200.  A CHF 600 non-refundable deposit is due upon confirmation of our working together and after my contract is signed.  This is my on-call fee and is included in the total of my CHF 1200 fee.  My fee includes all of the services on my "Services" page.  I also charge a flat-rate fee of CHF 200 for travel. Additional expenses such as parking fees and postage incurred during our time of working together will be added to the final bill and receipts provided to you. If you have a skill or a product that you would like to barter for part or all of my fee, please let me know.

I can arrange to have a back-up doula if you so desire.  A complementary phone or Skype consultation will then take place during your pregnancy so that you have a chance to become acquainted.  If you would like an in-person prenatal visit with her, there is an additional CHF 120 fee paid directly to her. If for an unforeseen reason, I am unable to attend the birth of your baby, she will be there for you. My contract with you is still binding and I will be responsible for payment arrangements with the back-up doula.