• I believe that birth is big, but it is NOT bigger than you.
  • I believe that knowledge is power…in everything we do…especially birth.
  • I believe that through preparation, we can discover and fully experience bliss in birth.
  • I believe that just as a woman innately knows how to grow a baby, she innately knows how to birth a baby.
  • I believe that when we facilitate the free-flow of oxytocin ("the love hormone"), the smooth evolution of birth is the inevitable result.
  • I believe that by cultivating a supportive and informed environment we can recognize and learn to release our fears surrounding birth. 
  • I believe that love, trust and knowledge are the key elements of gentle birth.
  • I believe that birth is intense!  But it needn’t be overwhelming.
  • I believe that birth is sacred and should be respected and honored.
  • I believe that birth is an everyday miracle.